Nine recommendations for the governance of AI systems in Europe

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

Governance functions traditionally performed by humans are increasingly informed and sometimes automatically executed by machine learning algorithms (governance by machine learning) to benefit society. Therefore, it is necessary to think also about the governance, or regulation, of AI systems. Work conducted by IRGC for the EU TRIGGER project concluded with nine recommendations for the governance of AI systems in Europe, presented in this spotlight on risk article.

The nine recommendations are:

  • Prioritise regulatory attention to algorithmic decision-making
  • Be clearer about how principle-based and risk-based regulations are used
  • Consider a precautionary approach to some applications of AI systems
  • Focus on domain-specific regulation
  • Invest in the development and implementation of technology for privacy and trustworthiness
  • Define ethical red lines
  • Clarify the scope, rationale and goals of digital sovereignty
  • Balance public and private forms of governance
  • Develop a strategy for working with other key global governance actors.

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