New Video on Auxetics

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

Steve Mould, famous for his great explanatory science videos, features our work on deployable and bistable auxetics in a new youtube video.

Steve Mould has a great new video featuring our work on deployable and bistable auxetics. This line of research started with our 2016 paper led by former GCM PhD student Mina Konaković Luković (now assistant professor at MIT) in collaboration with Keenan Crane, Bailin Deng, Sofien Bouaziz, and Daniel Piker. Our follow-up work in 2018 then addressed deployable auxetics in collaboration with Julian Panetta, who was a postdoc at GCM (now assistant professor at UC Davis). In 2021, Tian Chen, also a GCM postdoc at the time (now assistant professor at the University of Houston), proposed a solution to extend the approach to bistable auxetics in collaboration with Julian and Max Schnaubelt.
More information on this research project here:

This project was inspired by the push bowl of Fundamental.Berlin that I first saw in a design store 2014. It sat in my office for a long time, but eventually we studied its properties more closely and embarked on a scientific journey that has taken many unexpected turns. One outcome is the Canopy pavilion that was recently inaugurated at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne):

Such work is only possible thanks to an amazing team of collaborators. Thanks to you all!