New Research Project funded by SNF and Pictet Charitable Foundation

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

New research project, funded by Swiss National Science Foundation, Fondation Pictet, brings together engineers and researchers from EPFL, Geneva University Hospital, and the University of Geneva at the Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery

Prof. Olaf Blanke and his team, together with Prof. Karl Schaller (Geneva University Hospital, HUG) and Prof. Christoph Michel (University of Geneva, UNIGE), obtained grant funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation for the project entitled “Mapping the brain networks of the bodily and cognitive self for the prediction of personality deficits following brain surgery“. The project aims to investigate the causal impact of neurosurgical removal of cortical areas in diverse aspects of self-consciousness by conducting and comparing behavioral, neural, and neuropsychological assessments before and after brain surgery. The research team includes Dr. Sixto Alcoba-Banqueri, Dr. Sophie Betka, Dr. Bruno Herbelin, Mr. Pavo Orepic, Dr. Hyeong-Dong Park (LNCO), Dr. Cristina Goga (Geneva University Hospital), Dr. Gianninarita Iannotti (University of Geneva). The project, with additional support from the Pictet Foundation, brings together neuroscience and neuroengineering expertise from EPFL and UNIGE at Campus Biotech with clinical expertise from HUG.


1 Swiss National Science Foundation: Grant No. 182497

2 Pictet Charitable Foundation