New paper in The RAND Journal of Economics

© 2019

© 2019

Prof. Kenneth Younge’s new paper «Patent Citations Reexamined» will be published in a forthcoming edition of The RAND Journal of Economics, one of the most prestigious journals in industrial economics.


Many studies rely on patent citations to measure intellectual heritage and impact. In this article, we show that the nature of patent citations has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, a small minority of patent applications are generating a large majority of patent citations, and the mean technological similarity between citing and cited patents has fallen considerably. We replicate several well-known studies in industrial organization and innovation economics and demonstrate how generalized assumptions about the nature of patent citations have misled the field.

The paper is co-authored by Jeffrey M. Kuhn and Alan C. Marco.


Kuhn, Jeffrey M.; Younge, Kenneth A. & Marco, Alan C., Patent Citations Reexamined. The RAND Journal of Economics.