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New FreeNovation call on Systems Medicine: from molecule to phenotype

© 2019 Novartis

© 2019 Novartis

Can your project idea change biomedical research in the long term? Apply now!
Internal deadline for Support Letter: 5 April 2019
Call deadline: 14 April 2019

The Novartis Research Foundation (Novartis Forschungstiftung) has just launched the 2019 FreeNovation thematic call for research projects on Systems medicine: From molecule to phenotype and better therapies. Up to 15 projects will be supported with maximumCHF 180’000 for 18 months.

Proposals must:

  • Apply to at least one of the following key words:
    1. Data integration, modeling & simulation
    2. Analytics, diagnostics, imaging
    3. Physiology, pathology, pharmacology
  • Relate to biomedical research with the ultimate aim to provide healthcare solutions for patients.
  • Be unconventional and radical, with the potential to open up novel research directions and aiming beyond incremental innovation and discovery.
  • Be particularly original and hard to fund by conventional funding programs due to the “unorthodox” character of the idea or absence of a long-standing academic reputation held by the researchers.
  • NOT include commercial activities nor be influenced by commercial interests.

Applicants (max. 2 per proposal) must have a PhD or equivalent qualification and be employed at a reputable healthcare or healthcare-related organization, including university, university hospital or university of applied sciences in Switzerland throughout the grant.

Interdisciplinary proposals from scientists inside or outside of traditional disciplines are welcome.

Please fill out the Institutional Support Letter template available in the EPFL Toolkit, have it signed by the Dean and, if applicable, by the Director of the Institute and the Head of Unit, and send it to [email protected]by 5 April 2019 for the institutional signature.

Submit your proposal by 14 April 2019, 23:59 CET via FreeNovation online application portal.

Proposals will be reviewed anonymously to encourage young scientists and unconventional ideas by an international review committee chaired by Prof. Gerd Folkers (ETHZ) with 6 academic and 3 Novartis scientists, who are experts in the field. Decisions will be communicated in mid July 2019.

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage and at the EPFL Toolkit.

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