New cell sorter installed at the PTCF

© 2024 EPFL

© 2024 EPFL

The PTCF recently installed a second Sony SH800 cell sorter with a class II biosafety cabinet.

The SH800 is equipped with 4 lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm) and with 6 discrete fluorescence detectors. This instrument is capable of 2-way sorting, but really excels at single cell sorting into 96 or 384 well plates. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a class II biosafety cabinet, allowing for BSL-2 sorting to be performed.

A notable feature of the SH800 is its ease of use, which allows trained core facility users to perform their own cell sorting. However, the PTCF team can still do it for you if you wish.

Sony SH800 “Samurai" sorter is located in room AI 0346.1