Nako Nakatsuka receives Sandoz Family Foundation grant

Nako Nakatsuka © 2023 EPFL CC BY-SA

Nako Nakatsuka © 2023 EPFL CC BY-SA

Newly appointed School of Engineering Professor of Neurotechnology Nako Nakatsuka is one of two researchers selected by the Sandoz Family Foundation to receive financial support for research contributing to the development of society.

The Fondation Philanthropique Famille Sandoz (FPFS), established in 2018, supports cultural, educational, social, environmental, and humanitarian projects and institutions that contribute to the development of society in Switzerland and abroad. University research and teaching in Switzerland is a key area of support for the Foundation, notably through the program "Sandoz Family - Monique de Meuron Philanthropic Foundation for the Next Generation of Academics".

In December, the Sandoz Family Foundation announced that Nako Nakatsuka, who joined the School of Engineering’s Neuro-X Institute as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Neurotechnology in January 2024, was one of two winners of the prestigious program competition for 2023. She received the grant in the category of Natural Sciences to support her work on neurochemical biosensors, which can be used to monitor the evolution of neurological diseases.

The FPFS funding aims to enable French-speaking universities to recruit talented young people at the start of their careers, by offering them substantial financial support for up to four years. This support facilitates the installation and long-term integration of the laureates.

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