Museomix: a marathon for developing new forms of cultural mediation

Musemomix 2015 - Musée de la communication, Berne © Julia Voillat

Musemomix 2015 - Musée de la communication, Berne © Julia Voillat

From 10 to 12 November, Museomix 2017 will take over EPFL’s ArtLab building. Participants will use new technologies to cook up original forms of cultural mediation in a truly creative marathon. The general public will be able to visit the event as it unfolds and then try out the prototypes at the end of the three days.

A total of around 100 museum mixers – including volunteers, members of Museomix CH and even EPFL employees and students – will camp out in EPFL’s ArtLab building for three days and two nights of intense exchanges, brainstorming and creation. Their aim will be to design and build innovative cultural mediation tools, in line with specific themes.

Teams of six people from different disciplines will join forces to create a unique and truly interactive visitor experience. Scientific experts from EPFL ArtLab, facilitators as well as the technical teams of FabLabs and Hackerspace from all over French-speaking Switzerland and neighboring France will be reunited and available to assist in the production of prototypes. The general public will be able to observe the event all weekend and then evaluate the results.

Three spaces under one roof

The museum mixers will train their focus on ArtLab’s three adjacent spaces: the Montreux Jazz Café, where visitors can watch and listen to recordings of all of the festival’s concerts; the experimental exhibition space, which explores innovative techniques for museum installations; and DataSquare, where EPFL’s research on big data is presented.

For Museomix, which usually works with one or two museums, this will be a new challenge, since ArtLab brings together science and the arts for the general public in one extended space. “For EPFL, hosting this year’s Museomix means connecting this space with outside communities even more, strengthening the spirit of sharing and interaction with visitors, and developing prototypes in a very tight timeframe,” says Elsa Fremont, the event coordinator.

The themes for this year’s creative marathon are presented on the Museomix CH YouTube channel.

Museomix – an international community

This will be the fourth Museomix event in Switzerland. At the same time, mixers will meet in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Mexico to transform museums there into giant laboratories and come up with new ways of viewing their collections. Museomix, which was created in France in 2011, is now an international movement. In an increasingly digital world, it aims to tap into our collective intelligence in order to develop new ways of approaching and interpreting museums, placing the visitor at the center of the museum experience. Its motto: People make museums!

Practical information

Guided tours:

Friday, 10 November, from 2pm to 5pm

Saturday, 11 November, from 10:30am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm

Prototypes on display:

Sunday, 12 November, 4pm to 6pm

Open day for professionals:

Monday, 13 November will be dedicated to museum and culture professionals, with this year’s Museomix ending on the theme of “Digital museum and culture: how to increase participation and bring innovation.” The program includes talks by Caroline Hirt, Director of the Museum of Digital Art, Juliette Giraud, from Museomix and Creative Museum, and Nicolas Henchoz, the head of the EPFL-ECAL Lab. A panel discussion and a tour of the prototypes will also be held.

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