Mobility Award November 2011 winners

© 2012 EPFL

© 2012 EPFL

Aurélie Glerum and Jonas Margot are the co-winners of the EDCE PhD Mobility Award and have received CHF 2'000.- each.

Aurélie Glerum's project description:

"The purpose of the joint research between the Division of Transport and Location Analysis at KTH (Stockholm) and the Transport and Mobility Laboratory at EPFL is to model the evolution of the Swedish car fleet over the last decade. In particular, we are interested in understanding the factors affecting car ownership. Due temporal structure of the data set, we plan to use dynamic discrete choice models to approach the problem."

Jonas Margot's project description:

"The goal of my PhD is to develop an ecological treatment able to remove micropollutants (mainly pharmaceuticals and pesticides) from municipal wastewater. The idea is to improve biodegradation in passive natural systems like constructed wetlands by promoting organisms (bacteria and fungi) producing oxidative enzymes which are able to degrade micropollutants.

As we don't have any competences for the culture of this kind of fungi at EPFL or even in Switzerland, I'm going to spend a few weeks in the group of Prof. Paqui Blánquez, Chemical Engineering Department, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, to learn how to grow this fungi and to benefit of their expericence in this topic. Indeed, the group of Prof. Blánquez is one of the more active in this field and it is a great opportunity for my project to do some collaborations with them.

This collaboration is possible thanks to the PhD mobility award. So thanks again."