Mobile Programming Course for EPFL Students

Nokia Research Center is launching a free Qt crash course for the EPFL students this semester.

The objective of this mobile programming course is is to harness creativity and build the students' passion for innovation through Qt technology. Nokia aims at reinforcing the already existing EPFL-NRC collaboration by offering the students the opportunity to develop their skills and creativity in order to match future excpectations for projects and opportunities NRC Lausanne will offer.

Qt is one of the fastest growing cross platform application development frameworks in the world. Using Qt, one can develop applications and user interfaces, and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without need to rewrite the source code. The course offered focuses on C++ programming and GUI application development using Qt cross-platform libraries. Qt mobility features are described using Qt port on the Symbian and Maemo platforms.

Further Information and Registrations:[email protected]: +41-21 693 8787Internet:


Source: EPFL