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Michael Saliba wins 2017 MRS Postdoctoral award

Michael Saliba (credit: own)

Michael Saliba (credit: own)

Michael Saliba is one of the two recipients of the 2017 Postdoctoral Awards from the Materials Research Society (MRS).

The MRS Postdoctoral Awards are given each year to two postdoctoral researchers to “recognize postdoctoral scholars who show exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching, during their postdoc assignment.” The Award is sponsored by the Jiang Family Foundation and the MTI Corporation

This year, one of two awardees is Michael Saliba, a Marie Curie Fellow at EPFL. Saliba is being recognized for “developing a family of stable, reproducible and highly efficient multi-cation perovskites for optoelectronics.” Specifically, the MRS mentions Saliba’s achievements in developing a “deeper fundamental understanding and improvement of optoelectronic properties of emerging photovoltaic technologies with an emphasis on perovskites for a sustainable energy future.”

Official MRS announcement