Medusoil target global expansion

© 2022 Medusoil / EPFL

© 2022 Medusoil / EPFL

With a recent order for 4 tons of soil additives successful delivered, Medusoil is now turning its sights on the global market.

The Laloui Group spinoff, Medusoil continues to grow its business and enhance its bio-mediated cement after delivering four tons of the product to Zurich where it will be used to support the installation of underground utilities.

Founded in 2018 at EPFL, MeduSoil has patented a way to create a natural cement in the soil, by injecting microorganisms into it resulting in a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to traditional methods.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper 24 Heures, co-founder and senior researcher at EPFL, Dimitrios Terzis details how the technology works, their progress to date and their next steps as they look to increase production and distribute Medusoil globally.

You can read the full article in French here.