Maria Colombo is the recipient of the 2022 Peter Lax award

M. Colombo © 2021 EPFL

M. Colombo © 2021 EPFL

Professor Maria Colombo, head of the Chair of AMCV, is distinguished with the 2022 Peter Lax Award. She will receive her award at the International Conferences on Hyperbolic Problem (HYP) that will take place in June 2022.

The Peter Lax Award was instituted in honour of Lax's seminal contributions, which laid the foundations of modern theory and computation in the area of hyperbolic conservation laws. It has been introduced in 2020 and is given every two years. This distinction is awarded to a young researcher (10 years within the PhD) in every HYP Conference. The first Peter Lax Awardee is Jacob Bedrossian (University of Maryland).

Professor Maria Colombo will give a distinguished lecture at the HYP2022 conference. Details are given on the website

The International Conferences on Hyperbolic Problems is held every two years since 1986 and brings together hundreds of scientists with interests in the theoretical, applied, and computational aspects of hyperbolic partial differential equations and of related mathematical models. Hyperbolic conservation laws were introduced and studies from great mathematicians as L. Euler (1755) and present still incredible challenges. They also deeply connect to related areas such as the study of kinetic equations, nonlocal or/and discrete models, weakly differentiable flows.