Margaux Peltier receives the BRIDGE funding for the Enerdrape project

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Margaux Peltier is one of the 12 young researchers who obtained a funding from the BRIDGE Proof-of-concept 15th call. Margaux Peltier will receive this one-year BRIDGE funding to implement her project Enerdrape.

Enerdrape leverages a technology at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics that allows to turn any existing underground constructions, into a renewable source of thermal energy for the heating and cooling needs of buildings. This modular panel-like technology that embeds a heat exchanger system efficiently capture both geothermal and excess thermal energy, transforming the surfaces of underground structures such as parking garages into renewable source of energy.

This BRIDGE funding will allow Margaux Peltier to implement an up-scaled system of the Enerdrape technology and contribute to the elevation of the technology to a TRL-6. This support will be essential for the further developments of the technology as well as the future steps of the Enerdrape spin-off. The BRIDGE programme, led by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse (the Swiss Innovation Agency), promotes start-up projects and young researchers to apply their research and help us gain confidence for their market entry.

The project initially developed at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics under the initiative of Margaux Peltier, Prof. Lyesse Laloui and Alessandro Rotta Loria, benefitted from the additional support of Enable (EPFL), InnoSeed (ENAC), as well as Climate Launchpad, Climate-KIC and Venture-KICK.