Magalí Lingenfelder included in RSC's “100 Women of Chemistry”

Magalí Lingenfelder (credit: EPFL)

Magalí Lingenfelder (credit: EPFL)

A paper by Dr Magalí Lingenfelder has been included in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “100 Women of Chemistry” themed collection.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is the UK’s largest professional body for chemical scientists. Founded in 1841, it currently numbers over 54,000 members and publishes numerous journals

Responding to the findings of their recent report on diversity, the RSC compiled a collection of papers under the theme “Celebrating Excellence in Research: 100 Women of Chemistry”. The list includes a 2016 paper by Dr Magalí Lingenfelder, who leads the Max Planck-EPFL Nanolab.

Read the RSC’s announcement on the collection