LMS spin-off Enerdrape featured in Bilan Magazine

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

In their latest edition, Bilan shed light on three startups addressing the central question of CO2 mitigation, among them, Enerdrape the young LMS spin-off and its cleantech geo-energy panels.

Bilan Magazine featured three startups providing solutions to capture, valorize or reduce CO2 emissions. Enerdrape, the young LMS spin-off, developing geo-energy panels to be installed in underground environments such as garages and tunnels, contributes to the building sector CO2 emissions mitigation with its cleantech. Thanks to its panel-like technology, the startup not only adds a new dimension on how to source renewable thermal energy for the heating and cooling needs of buildings, but also fosters and enables access to renewable heat sources in urban and built environment, where options are scarce and limited.

If developments in CO2 capturing or its valorization are a growing thematic, reducing CO2 emissions can’t be removed from the equation. “To achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, all resources should be mobilized, but above all, reducing emissions should be our priority”, says Margaux Peltier, CEO and co-founder of Enerdrape.

With its panel, Enerdrape contributes to reducing CO2 emissions of the building sector, as the heating and cooling needs of our buildings are responsible for 40% of today’s greenhouse gases emissions.