LMS featured in EPFL's Dimension Magazine

Nuclear Waste Storage experiment © Giles Gonin / 2022 EPFL

Nuclear Waste Storage experiment © Giles Gonin / 2022 EPFL

“The physics that we put into our models need to be very, very strong and our numerical and predictive tools need to be very capable.”

The work of the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics has been featured in the current edition of EPFL’s Dimensions Magazine, showcasing the cutting-edge research done at EPFL through a series of in-depth articles, interviews, portraits and news highlights. The key feature topic for the 2022 spring edition of the magazine called “Finding the right energy mix”, explores humanity’s and EPFL’s attempts to slow the pace of climate change through the development of a constant, reliable, abundant and zero-carbon source of energy, whilst examining the challenges faced on such a development journey.

While the hope is that one-day nuclear fusion may provide the solution, it is nuclear fission and its radioactive by-product that is likely to fill the gap if we are to deliver the energy we demand whilst cutting emissions.

Our director, Professor Laloui explains in an interview with the magazine that the Laloui Group is at the forefront of developing the technology to ensure that radioactive waste can be disposed of safely and securely.