© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Thomas Walger, PhD student at the LMIS1 was interviewed on the 13th of March 2020 by RTS/Couleur3 about his work on moirés and the samples he has fabricated

On Friday, the 13th of March 2020, Thomas Walger went to the RTS studios in Lausanne for an interview about his recent progress and the new moiré samples he fabricated and published about in two scientific articles. In this interview, Thomas spoke about these recent developments in a less formal way and in French! We sincerely thank the team of Point Barre, a radio program of Couleur 3 for this great opportunity and hope that the French-speaking Swiss public enjoyed the broadcast on Saturday 14/03/20.

If you have missed it or if you want to see the images in addition to the audio, you can find the recording:
- on the RTS website
- on Youtube

Links to the scientific publications related to this interview: