LEMR welcomes Dr. François Passelègue!

© 2017 EPFL

© 2017 EPFL

Dr. François Passelègue is an Ambizione Energy fellow joining the Laboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanics at EPFL.

Dr. François Passelègue is interested in faults and earthquakes dynamics, from the field to the laboratory scale. He has used mainly experimental methods in order to study the different stages of the seismic cycle, from the nucleation to the propagation of the dynamic rupture.

Dr. Passelègue was awarded the Ambizione Energy 2017 fellowship to conduct the project “Stability and healing processes of faults during fluid-injection: from the lab to the field”. The project aims to understand the short term and long term stability criteria of fault system submitted to fluid injection. The project, led by Dr. Passelègue, is linked to the development and the exploitation of deep geothermal power plants in Switzerland and supported by the SCCER, as the stability of faults during fluid injection still remains poorly understood.

Publications of Dr. Passelègue: Google Scholar