Leenards Prize for neurotech project in Dementia with Lewy Bodies

© 2024 EPFL

© 2024 EPFL

We are happy to announce that the 2024 Leenaards Foundation Science Prize has been awarded to our project on the early diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies.

Building on our existing collaboration with the Leenaards Memory Center in Lausanne and its director Gilles Allali, our ambitious project combines robotics, brain imaging, behavior and in-depth clinical testing to improve the understanding and early detection of dementia with Lewy bodies.

Congratulations to Fosco Bernaconi and Gilles Allali for being awarded the prestigious prize.

For more details about the project cf. the link “Project description”.


This project will be funded by the Leenaards Foundation https://www.leenaards.ch/