Lana Josipovic awarded a Google PhD Fellowship 2018

© 2018 EPFL

© 2018 EPFL

Lana Josipovic, a doctoral student in the Processor Architecture Laboratory led by Professor Paolo Ienne, has been awarded a Google PhD Fellowship 2018 in Systems and Networking.

Lana’s research focus is on bridging the gap between software and hardware. She aims to build efficient circuits for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), which are nowadays integrated into data centers, packaged with processors, and introduced to many new application domains.

Lana develops completely new high-level synthesis (HLS) techniques to generate hardware designs from high-level programming languages and to enable software developers to build efficient accelerators. She aims to change the HLS paradigm so that the produced circuits share key features with modern superscalar processors; on the other hand, current HLS tools produce circuits using simpler and more regular templates. Her technique enables HLS to handle irregular memory accesses in applications, which might be the future of reconfigurable computing.

The Google PhD fellowship is a prestigious award given in recognition and support of outstanding graduate students doing exceptional research in Computer Science and related disciplines, shaping and influencing the future of technology.