LAMD and the SCI STI JVH Group granted by a Bridge Discovery Grant

Prof. Jürg Schiffmann (LAMD) and Dr. Jan van Herle (JVH Group) were awarded with a highly selective Bridge Discovery grant for the project "Clean highest efficiency hybrid power generation".
This 4-year project aims at experimentally validating a power generation system aimed towards decentralized building scale power supply, based on a micro gas turbine driven by solid oxide fuel cell exhaust heat (~800°C).

With the closing of its nuclear power plants, the limited additional potential of hydropower, and the intermittency of future PV power, Switzerland will become strongly dependent on electricity import, particularly in winter. On the other hand, it possesses a very developed gas grid (which in future can be gradually ‘greened’). While it appears decided that we will not build centralised gas-fired power plants, there are decentralised alternatives that allow to make better use of this reliable gas supply, other than by combustion for heat only.

This project is combining 2 technologies (a micro gas turbine -mGT- with a solid oxide fuel cell - SOFC) to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving clean and highest electrical efficiency of gas-based power generation at decentralised, building scale (10-100kWe), thus helping to secure electricity supply. SOFC technology can moreover be operated in reverse (storage) mode, for an annually neutral carbon balance.

The proposed unique hybrid units will offer highly efficient, clean, decentralized and flexible power, including CO2 separation, that will help to secure Swiss electricity supply, specifically in winter and in the service and industry sectors, based on available distributed gas and the smart combination of 2 high-tech energy conversion devices.


Bridge Discovery Subside no 40B2-0_203618 / 1