Lakmal Meegahapola wins Sri Lankan presidential research prize

Lakmal Meegahapola © CC BY-SA

Lakmal Meegahapola © CC BY-SA

Electrical engineering PhD student Lakmal Meegahapola has received the President's Award for Scientific Research, awarded by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka.

Meegahapola is a research assistant at the Idiap Research Institute and a PhD student in the School of Engineering’s EDEE doctoral program, where he is advised by Daniel Gatica-Perez. He received the prestigious award for a paper, “Change Detection and Notification of Web Pages: A Survey”, which he co-authored during his bachelor’s thesis at the University of Moratuwa, and which was published in the journal ACM Computing Surveys in 2020.

The President's Award for Scientific Research is given in recognition of high-impact, peer reviewed publications with an influence on the development of Sri Lanka. Meegahapola’s paper addresses the classification and analysis of change detection and notification systems and their techniques, focusing on current challenges in this field of computer science.

Author: Celia Luterbacher

Source: School of Engineering | STI

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