Journée Osez tous les métiers 2022

© 2022 Kerloch

© 2022 Kerloch

On Thursday 11 November 2022, the EXAF Centre welcomed 8 children aged 11 to 13 to discover the whole process of producing a MOOC. In collaboration with the Centre for Digital Education (CEDE), the children discovered the writing of a pedagogical scenario, its cutting, the recording of the course in a studio and the editing.

The themes chosen by our young budding geniuses are very varied: the main stages in the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, who is Leonardo da Vinci, the northern lights, the changing colours of chameleons, the agility of cats, etc. Each child chose his or her theme. They then had to define an educational scenario and divide their explanations into scenes. Each scene is illustrated with pictures, animations and text to allow the learner to follow the development. This is the most important step, the pre-production. Lisa Myers, Andres Gomes and Yann Kerloch, from the EXAF centre, coordinated the entire pre-production process.

Once the script was validated, the Centre of Digital Education welcomed each child into the recording studio for the production of the online course. The material is downloaded onto the studio computer and then played on different devices: interactive tablet, prompter, etc. Thanks to the green background, each child will see his or her educational scenario illustrated around him or her. Magali Croci from CEDE coordinated and directed all the recordings.

Finally, each channel of recordings is brought together and edited using video editing programs to create an online course.

The objective of " Journée Osez les métiers" is important for the EXAF centre and the EPLF in general. The aim of this day is "to break down the barriers between typically male and female professions. JOM is not a traditional career day. It encourages children to imagine their future working life outside the traditional patterns. (