Ivan Dokmanić and Onur Koçberber receive Google PhD Fellowships 2014

© 2014 EPFL

© 2014 EPFL

Two PhD students, Ivan Dokmanić from the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (LCAV), and Onur Koçberber from the Parallel Systems Architecture Lab (PARSA), were each recognized for their outstanding research in computer science and awarded a Google European Doctoral Fellowship 2014.

The Google PhD Fellowship program supports PhD students in computer science or closely related fields and reflects Google’s commitment to building strong relations with the global academic community. Now in its sixth year, the program covers North America, Europe, China, India and Australia. To date, 193 Fellowships has been awarded in 72 universities across 17 countries.

Ivan Dokmanić is a PhD student at the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (LCAV), headed by Prof. Martin Vetterli. Currently, Ivan studies inverse problems in room acoustics. He believes that using echoes is one of the most robust and useful approaches to these problems. Using echoes through geometric insights is in contrast to heavyweight full-wave approaches. It also goes against the conventional wisdom that reverberation is bad, because we can make it work for us. For example, we can place dozens or hundreds of microphones in an unknown room with only a single fingersnap, and at the same time learn what the room looks like. There’s also a number of interesting connections to human echolocation. Ivan looks forward to exploiting them with this year's Summer@EPFL students.

Onur Koçberber is a PhD student at the Parallel Systems Architecture Lab (PARSA), headed by Prof. Babak Falsafi. Onur’s main interest is in computer systems. His research is centered on server system architecture, particularly focusing on on-chip accelerators for database systems to improve the performance and energy efficiency of server processors. Visit his homepage for more information.