IRGC 2021 annual report

Photo by Justin Kauffman on Unsplash

Photo by Justin Kauffman on Unsplash

IRGC’s annual report provides an overview of the many topics we work on with external experts, offering a contribution from the field of risk governance on issues such as: low-carbon transition risks, climate intervention techniques, risk of collision with space debris and environmental sustainability of emerging technologies.

Addressing risk from transitions to low-carbon economies

  • The problem: if left unaddressed, obstacles to energy transitions will continue to slow or derail successful climate action
  • Purpose of IRGC work: provide a comprehensive look at the countervailing or consequential risks that can be triggered by the low-carbon transition
  • Our goal: drive successful climate action by targetting some of the underlying causes of climate inaction.

Deploying climate intervention techniques

  • The problem: there is uncertainty and even some controversy about certain technical approaches that could remove CO2 from the atmosphere or reduce temperature increase
  • Purpose of IRGC work: develop evidence-based frameworks to guide decision-makers
  • Our goal: support the deployment of portfolios of context-dependant approaches to complement GHG emission reduction and adaptation strategies

Evaluating and addressing risk of collision with space debris in near-earth orbit

  • The problem: the risk of collision with operational satellites ncreases and measures to reduce it are poorly deployed
  • Purpose of IRGC work: review and evaluate possible response strategies, technical methods and policy arrangements
  • Our goal: provide recommendations for enhancing safety and sustainability in orbit and the provision of critical services on Earth

Ensuring the environmental sustainability of emerging technologies

  • The problem: it happens that applications of emerging technologies aggravate environmental problems without this being visible at first sight
  • Purpose of IRGC work: develop approaches to identify, evaluate and manage risks to environmental sustainability at the design phase of an emerging technology
  • Our goal: provide guidance to technology developers, investors, industry and regulators

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