Innosuisse Flagship Initiative: 2023 grant recipients

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

Innosuisse has approved eight flagship proposals for disruptive solutions in the transition to a net zero world. EPFL is involved as a research partner in 3 granted proposals.

In the second call for projects, in two-stage procedure 25 pre-proposals were received by the end of January 2023 and 16 full proposals by the beginning of July. At the end of August, Innosuisse approved eight of these flagship projects. The total funding budget of CHF 35.4 million is granted to these three to five years projects.

Congratulations to 3 EPFL researchers who represent EPFL in the Flagship projects:

  • Green Energy Hub: Integrated local seasonal energy storage to close the winter electricity gap

EPFL representative: Jan Van Herle (SCI-STI-JVH)

  • TNZPI: Towards a NetZero Plastics Industry

EPFL representative: Martyn Wakeman (LPAC)

  • STORE: Energy Storage Infrastructure for 100% Production from Renewables and Energy Self-Sufficiency in Switzerland

EPFL representative: Mario Paolone (DESL)


Flagship initiative seeks to find solutions to current or future challenges relevant to a large part of the economy or society. Through Flagship Innosuisse aims to stimulate systemic innovation and transdisciplinary collaboration.

Further calls for projects under the Flagship Initiative are planned.


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