INFORMS Best Paper Award

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The paper “A Two-Stage Route Optimization Algorithm for Light Aircraft Transport Systems”, by Sharif Azadeh, S., Bierlaire, M., and Maknoon, Y., published in Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies in 2019, has won the 2019 Minority Issues Best Paper Competition organized by INFORMS, the leading international association for Operations Research and Analytics professionals. 

The purpose of the paper competition is to promote and bring visibility to recent contributions of the members in the field of operations research, management science, or information systems. Papers are judged on the basis of the originality of the research, technical rigor, relevance and impact to future theory or applications. This award was presented at the INFORMS annual meeting in Seattle, on October 21, 2019. 

This paper presents a route optimization algorithm for light aircraft operating under visual flight rules. The problem aims at finding a minimum-duration, collision-free route in three spatial dimensions with possible aircraft maneuvers. The optimal route takes into account the aircraft kinodynamic characteristics and its interaction with external wind. A data processing approach is presented to recast the flying environment as a series of polyhedrons based on which a mixed-integer linear model is formulated. A two-stage route optimization model is then introduced to solve real-life instances. Computational experiments depict the efficiency of this approach.

This paper is a joint work among Prof. Shadi Sharif Azadeh, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Prof. Michel Bierlaire, EPFL, and Prof. Yousef Maknoon, TU Delft. 


This research is supported by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) under grant 16610.1 PFES-ES