ImmersiveLab installation at EPFL open days

© B. Herbelin / 2019 EPFL

© B. Herbelin / 2019 EPFL

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Installation "Multiple Bodies, Super Egos and Virtual Selves" - a collaboration with the ImmersiveLab which will be presented at the EPFL open doors festivities, 14-15th Sept.

A swipe of the arm. A faint touch. Who was that? Is that? By enabling visitors to experience the unusual sensations provoked by bodily illusions, this artistic work explores the delicate boundary between our seemingly stable percept of an embodied self, and a self that is disrupted by technology. The installation is equally inspired by clinical observations of disembodiment, presence hallucinations, and other altered states of consciousness – and experimental neuroscientific investigations using virtual reality and robotics bringing to surface the fundamental brain mechanisms underlying bodily self-consciousness.

The ImmersiveLab is an interactive multisensory space for artistic and scientific exploration developed by Daniel Bisig and Jan Schacher, from the Institute of Computer Music and Sound Technology at the Zurich University of the Arts. The installation "Multiple Bodies, Super Egos & Virtual Selves" was made in collaboration with the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience of Prof. Olaf Blanke and with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation. It will be presented to the public during the EPFL 50th Anniversary Open Doors on Sept 14-15, at the STCC.

Team (alphabetical order): Daniel Bisig, Olaf Blanke, Bruno Herbelin, Oliver Kannape, Jan Schacher, Simon Schaerlaeken.

Author: Oliver Kannape