ICLAB members wins the 2020 IEEE EDS George E. Smith Award !

© 2021 IEEE

© 2021 IEEE

Congratulations to Dr. Arnout Beckers, Dr. Farzan Jazaeri and Prof. Christian Enz for the winning paper entitled “Theoretical Limit of Low Temperature Subthreshold Swing in Field-Effect Transistors"

The George E. Smith Award was established in 2002 to recognize the best paper appearing in a fast turn around archival publication of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, targeted to the IEEE Electron Device Letters. It is presented annually and the recipient(s) is awarded a certificate and a check for $2,500, presented at the IEEE EDS International Electron Devices Meeting.

Dr. A. Beckers, Dr. F. Jazaeri and Prof. Ch. Enz reports in their letter a temperature-dependent limit for the subthreshold swing in MOSFETs that deviates from the Boltzmann limit at deep-cryogenic temperatures. Below a critical temperature, the derived limit saturates to a value that is independent of temperature and proportional to the characteristic decay of a band tail. The proposed expression tends to the Boltzmann limit when the decay of the band tail tends to zero. Since the saturation is universally observed in different types of MOSFETs (regardless of dimension or semiconductor material), this suggests that an intrinsic mechanism is responsible for the band tail.