ICE lab welcomes a new postdoc Kun Lyu

© 2023 Lyu

© 2023 Lyu

Kun Lyu joined the ICE lab in November 2023 to advance the research within the SWICE (Sustainable Well-being for the Individual and the Collectivity in the Energy transition) project.

He discusses his experiences of being in Switzerland and becoming a member of both the ICE lab and the SLL.

  1. Could you provide some insight into your background and how you became part of the ICE lab?

I was trained both as an architect and engineer (mechanical engineering) and also worked as an architect in China for airport design. I recently completed my PhD in the Indoor Environmental Quality Lab at the University of Sydney (worked with Prof. Richard de Dear, Assoc Prof. Arianna Brambilla, and Dr. Anastasia Globa). I came across this wonderful postdoc job post online to have the opportunity to work with Prof Dolaana Khovalyg, and I consider myself lucky.

  1. What is the central focus of your research, and how does your previous research background align with this project?

I am always interested in how architecture and urban spaces can be designed to promote human comfort, health, and wellbeing in the context of climate change. My PhD project focuses on thermal comfort and its influence on the restorative benefits of semi-outdoor environmental exposure. It explores the potential links between thermal comfort and psychological wellbeing. I found the SWICE project fascinating because of its holistic approach to the topic of energy transition that emphasizes the role of human and human wellbeing. I hope my knowledge of environmental quality and human wellbeing will help me contribute to the project.

  1. What is your impression of residing in Switzerland?

I’ve heard about the picturesque quality of the Swiss landscape, but being able to experience it firsthand is another level. Besides, I am intrigued by the cultural diversity and well preservation of cultural tradition here in Switzerland. My journey in Switzerland has just begun and I’m looking forward to making more like-minded friends and exploring more fun things! I will definitely try skiing!

  1. What are your thoughts regarding EPFL and the Smart Living Lab?

I found the Rolex Center building a very fascinating piece of architecture. Also, I am pleased by the great support from the University for researchers. I think it is a remarkable effort to organize a research community such as SLL with three different institutions. I feel the vibe of the SLL is really friendly, collegial, and collaborative. It’s a great pleasure to join the lab and I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating with all of the great minds in the SLL.