IC team wins the Distinguished Paper Award at the IEEE Symposium

© 2018 IEEE SSP

© 2018 IEEE SSP

Stevens Le Blond, Alejandro Cuevas, Juan Ramón Troncoso-Pastoriza, Philipp Jovanovic and Professors Bryan Ford and Jean-Pierre Hubaux have won the Distinguished Paper Award at the 39th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in San Francisco.

Their article “On Enforcing the Digital Immunity of a Large Humanitarian Organization” outlines the unique security and privacy challenges, which humanitarian organizations face when collecting, processing, transferring, and sharing data to enable humanitarian action.

The researchers demonstrate, through a qualitative analysis of the computer-security challenges of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the trade-offs between operational security and requirements, as well as the legal barriers for data sharing. Moreover, the article highlights the need for robust technological safeguards to complement the system of privileges and immunities to avoid any leakages that might hamper access and potentially compromise humanitarian action.

The IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, which took place in San Francisco 21- 23 May, is one of the most prestigious research conferences in computer security and electronic privacy. It brings together mostly researchers but also field practitioners.