Giulia Tagliabue receives an SNSF grant of 1.5 million francs

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Professor at the School of Engineering, Giulia Tagliabue has just received an Eccellenza scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Giulia Tagliabue received an Eccenllenza scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) for her project titled“Nanophotonic Control of Charge- and Ion-transport for Advancing Light-energy Storage Devices”. With 1.5 million francs over a five-year period, Eccellenza gives researchers the freedom to launch their own project with a team.

"Nanophotonics has recently revolutionized the control of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. Importantly, by coupling free-space light to molecular dimensions nanophotonic structures offer unique but poorly explored possibilities to control charge-transfer and ion-transport mechanisms, which underlie photoelectrical and photo-electrochemical energy storage devices. Our vision is to combine fundamental understanding at an unprecedented level of nanoscale detail with the demonstration of novel proof-of-concept devices that leverage these emerging mechanisms. Overall, this project aims at breakthrough advances in the field of light-energy storage devices and will push the boundaries of nanophotonic engineering beyond optoelectronic systems", says Giulia Tagliabue. 

This scholarship is important for assistant professors who aspire to a permanent professorship. This year, 244 researchers applied to the Eccellenza scheme. The SNSF selected 45 projects. Women account for 36% of the applications and 47% of the funded projects. That amounts to a success rate for women of 24%. "The figures show that women are succeeding under the Eccellenza scheme", says Julia Cahenzli Jenkins, who leads the funding scheme at the SNSF.