Gebert Rüf's Innobooster program supports Largo

© 2020 Largo Films

© 2020 Largo Films

The Gebert Rüf Foundation is supporting four new projects as part of its InnoBooster program. The approved projects are led by the startups Largo, Swistor and Hexisense from the EPFL, and Cowa Thermal Solutions AG from the University of Luzern. Each project will receive CHF 150’000.

The Innobooster program supports promising start-up projects developed by bachelor and master students from Universities of Applied Sciences. Each project obtains CHF 150’000 to advance to the next stage. In the recent selection round, Largo impressed the selection committee.

Largo developed LargoAI, a data-driven intelligence technology, which can be introduced much earlier in the life of a film project - from script choice and development, through filming, post-production and theatrical release - to help film producers to predict viewers reaction on each part and the success of a film. Thanks to this technology, film producers can now boost their return on investment and minimise risk. The program will enable Largo to maintain its collaboration with the EPFL to enhance its technology.

Source: IVRL