Funding Boost for Sensars Neuroprosthetics

© 2016 Hillary Sanctuary / EPFL

© 2016 Hillary Sanctuary / EPFL

EPFL spin-off “Sensars Neuroprosthetics” receives Fast Track to Innovation funding from the European Commission.

On April 25 2019, the EPFL start-up Sensars Neuroprosthetics was chosen among 227 European projects to receive Fast Track to Innovation funding.

Sensars Neuroprosthetics, led by former EPFL graduate students Francesco Petrini and Stanisa Raspopopvic, and professor Silvestro Micera, aims complete functionality of upper and lower limb amputees, as well as those that had nerve-damage. Sensars is built on technology developed at EPFL’s Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Translational Neuroengineering, led by Micera.

FTI is a bottom-up measure promoting innovative activities at the close-to-the-market stage under the European Innovation Council pilot. It provides up to €3m to support mature innovative concepts that have already been tested.