Four new SNSF Ambizione grants at SB

Drs V. Goblot, J. Lan, A. Merli,G. Zuccarello

Drs V. Goblot, J. Lan, A. Merli,G. Zuccarello

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has announced the list of recipients of the 16th Ambizione Call (2022). Six grants have been bestowed on researchers to work at EPFL, four of them will conduct their research at the School of Basic Sciences:
Drs Valentin Goblot, Jinggang Lan and Andrea Merli at the Institute of Physics and Dr. Giuseppe Zuccarello at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Ambizione grants support outstanding postdoctoral researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead their own independent research project at a Swiss higher education institution. Researchers 1-4 years after their PhD are eligible to apply. The grants covers the grantee's salary, personnel, equipment cost and other project-related funds for up to 4 years.

This year SNSF has awarded the following researchers to work at the School of Basic Sciences:

Valentin Goblot, researcher of the Institute of Physics, is awarded a grant in "Condensed Matter Physics" to work on the project "A Superconductor-Spin Hybrid Quantum System for Quantum Simulation".

Jinggang Lan, presently also at the Institute of Physics, receives a grant in "Physical Chemistry" for the project "Computational Electrochemistry: Towards the Understanding of Electrolytes at the Molecular Level" .

Andrea Merli, a CERN Researcher and Università di Milano Lecturer, will work at the Institute of Physics with a grant in "Particle Physics" for the project "Novel Experimental Procedure to Test the existence of Unobserved right-handed NEutrinos (NEPTUNE)".

Giuseppe Zuccarello, a PostDoc at the Basel University, has been given a grant in "Organic Chemistry" to work at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering on the project "Enantioselective Hydrogen Atom Abstraction - Rapid Access to Stereochemical Complexity through Catalyst Design".

We also would like to extend our congratulations to the two other EPFL grantees, Drs Jonathan Dong (STI) and Antonio Joaquin Garcia Suarez (ENAC) .