24.12.17 - Four physics doctorates received a special distinction from EDOC for their thesis.

Edoardo Baldini for his thesis entitled “Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Collective Excitations in Strongly Interacting and Correlated Quantum Systems” under the supervision of Prof. Majed Chergui and Prof. Fabrizio Carbone.

Natalia Chepiga for her thesis entitled “Dimerization and Exotic Criticality in Spin-S Chains" under the supervision of Prof. Frédéric Mila.

Georgios Karananas for his thesis entitled “Poincaré, Scale and Conformal Symmetries: Gauge Perspective and Cosmological Ramifications” under the supervision of Prof. Mikhail Shaposhnikov.

Fabio Riva for his thesis entitled “Verification and Validation Procedures with Applications to Plasma-Edge Turbulence Simulations” under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Ricci.

Auteur:Blandine JérômeSource:Institut de physique