Five PhD students receive STI Teaching Assistant Awards

© Alain Herzog CC BY SA

© Alain Herzog CC BY SA

Five engineering PhD students have been selected to receive a School of Engineering (STI) Teaching Assistant Award for their outstanding commitment to education in EPFL bachelor and master courses.

The STI Teaching Assistant Award, introduced in 2022, is an initiative of the School of Engineering to reward the extraordinary involvement of PhD students in lectures given in the bachelor and master cycles of the four sections of the school.

Every semester, some 400 School of Engineering PhD students take on teaching duties. The demand is so great that around 40% of them are called upon to support classes led by other laboratories. Each semester, five awards are attributed by the award committee based on nominations by the teachers.

The honor, which comes with a certiicate and an award of CHF1,000, is open to all teaching assistants. The five below were selected to receive the award for 2024, out of 21 nominations. Congratulations!

School of Engineering Best Teaching Assistants 2024

Lara Orlandic of the Embedded Systems Lab, led by David Atienza, for the course CS433 Machine Learning.

Lorenzo Lucherini of the Soft Materials Laboratory, lef by Esther Amstad, for the course MGT 555 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering.

Jérôme Brender of the MOBOTS group, led by Francesco Mondada, for the course MICRO-452 Basics Of Mobile Robotics.

Francesco Bertot of the Hybrid Photonics Laboratory, led by Cristina Benea-Chelmus, for the course MICRO-471 Fundamentals of integrated photonic components.

Sara Behjati of the Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology, led by Ardemis Boghossian, for the course CHE-407 Electrochemical Engineering

Author: Celia Luterbacher

Source: School of Engineering | STI

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