Finance and Technology conference 2021

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

The Finance and Technology Conference 2021 on Crypto-assets and Asset Tokenization​ will be held on November 5th, 2021, at the Swiss Tech Convention Center. This event is organized jointly by the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI@EPFL) and the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT)

Decentralized Ledger Technology has the potential to reshape the traditional financial system. An example is decentralized finance, which allows people to combine open-source building blocks into sophisticated financial products utilizing DLT. Central banks, as another example, face growing competition from private actors offering their own digital alternative to physical cash. However, the current lack of clear legal and technological standards prevents market players and institutions from fully exploiting the potential DLT.

This conference features latest research and insights on crypto-assets and asset tokenization, and their impact on banking and financial market infrastructures. The event combines a broad spectrum of stakeholders, which combine legal and regulatory, technological, financial and economic as well as civil society perspectives. It addresses academics and practitioners alike, and shall foster the public dialogue and interaction across institutions.

The onsite conference will by invitation only and limited to 100 participants. However, the event will be broadcasted as a Zoom webinar. To obtain your Zoom link for the webinar please click below to register. Registration is free but mandatory.

More information about the event (speakers and agenda)