Finally GeoBeer makes it to French-speaking Switzerland...

© 2014 EPFL

© 2014 EPFL

GeoBeer is a quarterly meeting of people interested in geography, GIS, cartography and the latest technologies. The goal is to promote GEO ideas and discussions about them.

GeoBeer #6 will take place in Lausanne (Lab4Tech, Saint-François 12, Lausanne ( on March 20, at 18h30, and will be hosted by INSER SA, in collaboration with the Association pour le Système d'Information du Territoire Vaudois (ASIT VD) and the Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG) at EPFL. As always, GeoBeer attendance is free of cost.

Geobeer#6 will consist of 4 short talks of 5 mins on topics related to GIS and cartography:

  • PPGIS 4 bufo bufo in URBANGENE, Stéphane Joost, du LASIG, EPFL
  • Open geodata + crowdsourcing : formule gagnante ? Xavier Mérour, ASIT-VD
  • VaudGéo, la réalité virtuelle à l’aide des géomètres, Olivier Travaglini, OIT-VD
  • Les Géodonnées et le Cloud…. Craintes ou perspectives ? Jean-Luc Miserez, INSER SA

Followed by a beer apero and interesting discussions.

Who can attend?
Everybody with an interest in geoinformation, GIS and maps is invited.

See link top right of the page.

The GeoBeer series is a brainchild of Stephan Heuel and Ralph Straumann.