Executive Education offer at the College of Management of Technology

© Alain Herzog

© Alain Herzog

The Direction of the College developed a reinforced strategic orientation for CDM’s offering for executives by establishing a new unit to centrally manage its offer for Executive Education, thereby providing a unique and coherent identity to all its programs – at the heart of technology & innovation.


The range of courses offered by CDM ExedEd leverage the unique strengths at EPFL by being at the intersection between management and technology and thus offering a unique addition to EPFL’s educational offer. Prof. Marc Gruber, the Academic Director, emphasizes that the CDM is well positioned to take advantage of major trends in education, which are on the one hand the need for life-long learning and, on the other hand, the need for a solid understanding of management of technology.

The format of the programs varies from long courses (Executive Masters – 40 days), semi-long (Certificate of Advanced Studies – 15 days), to short executive courses (3-5 days), depending on the professional objectives, needs & schedules of the participants.

For whom?

The distinct and original catalogue of courses are tailored for professionals searching for top quality education, who will benefit from internationally recognized academics and practitioners in the fields of business, technology, innovation, and supply chain management.

Besides the fact that participants will be in close proximity to quality researchers, they will also join an important network of Alumni, business professionals and entrepreneurs of the region.

Our participants realize the world is changing faster and the rules are changing too. New technologies create new business opportunities and innovation is key to survive. EPFL Executive Education provides a unique portfolio of programs for those who want to manage these new technologies and move forward in their professional career"

Eugène de Groot, Head of Executive Education.

The programs & courses

This new platform showcases a diversity of programs which aim at helping ambitious professionals to transform their horizons.

Executive MBA & Masters programs

These long programs are meant for professionals seeking a transformative business education, who are interested in disruptive technological trends in their industry. They will be working on challenging real-world entrepreneurial business projects to prepare them to a technology-driven future.

Certificate of Advanced Studies

The semi-long programs are offered in a targeted, modular and flexible format They allow participants to gain specialist skills and to get access to the latest developments and best practices in the fields, such as supply chain management, biotech, medtech and pharma ventures.

These courses give the participants the tools to lead positive change in their company, while helping them to build connections within their industry. It gives them access to the latest developments and best practices in their fields

Short Executive courses

These set of intensive short courses are meant for executives and senior managers who want a deeper understanding of the latest technologies and how these can be applied to shape their businesses. Participants are immersed in these intensive programs offered in collaboration with other internationally renowned institutions and come out with immediately applicable solutions.

Future courses

Strategically speaking, this new unit will generate important value in terms of bringing new audiences to EPFL, will help the school fulfil its mission in continuous education and will also generate profits for use at the CDM-level. Professors from CDM and from all across the campus who should not hesitate to get in touch and discuss their ideas.