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Integrated Approaches to Energy Systems

Nowadays, a large spectrum of knowledge is required from PhD students working within the area of Energy Conversion Systems. Nevertheless, typical PhD competences are often restricted to their field of interest. Few integrated knowledges are in the background of PhD students. The aim of the 2015 EuroTech Winter School « Integrated Approaches to Energy Systems » is to make up for those lacks, bring out the main challenges and provide methodological approaches to address multi-disciplinary energy-related challenges.

The course is organised within the context of the EuroTech Universities Alliance and will take place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne from February 2nd to 13th, 2015.

The teaching is grouped in three main topics:

  1. Energy conversion and storage devices
  2. Power grids and control
  3. Integrated urban energy systems design

The winter school is divided in two parts:

  • the 1st week aims at giving a general knowledge of integrated energy systems to all the students
  • the 2nd week focuses on specialised topics and a project realisation

For further details, please make reference to the winter school program.