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European Young Chemists Award 2012

Professors Yury Tsybin and Jerome Waser of the "Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering", ISIC, each won the silver medal of the "European Young Chemists Award 2012" at the 4th EuCheMS Congress in Prague. In the competition for PhD students, Stephan Steinmann and Alexander Tskhovrebov, both at the EPFL’s Doctoral School in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, reached the final stage.

The European Young Chemist Award is conferred every two years, since 2008, on the occasion of the Congress of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) to three young chemists in recognition of the excellence of their research.
Prof. Tsybin’s work “Molecular structure on the balance in the XXI century – rapid high resolution and tandem mass spectrometry” and Prof. Waser‘s “Catalytic cyclization and annulation reactions of aminocyclopropanes” won them the silver medals at this year conference held in Prague on the 26-30 of August.

We are very proud of the recurring recognition of the outstanding value of the research carried out at our Institute and would like to congratulate our scientists on having got two out of three medals at each of the last two European Young Chemist awards:
In addition to present year’s two silver medals, in 2010 Prof. Nicolai Cramer and Prof. Clémence Corminboeuf received the gold and one of the silver medals.