12.05.16 - The Cooperation and Development Center’s EssentialTech projects were presented in full to visitors to the Geneva Health Forum 2016, April 19th to 21st.

The Group's projects in the health field – ranging from radiology to neonatology to infectious diseases – have received a great deal of attention from the public. All of these projects are based on a single methodology, which consists in developing technologies that are tailored to the context of use in conjunction with a sustainable, large-scale deployment model.

GlobalDiagnostiX - a low-cost, high-tech X-ray machine - attracted numerous visitors and aroused interest both for its technological advantages and its technology transfer phase (with the launch of the start-up Pristem). The business model developed at EssentialTech in parallel with this extremely robust technology will therefore allow for sustainable, large-scale distribution of the unit.

The heat storage system developed within the context of the GlobalNeoNat project was also presented to the public. This project, whose goal is to develop an incubator for premature babies that is resistant to power outages and adapted to the needs of district hospital staff, is emblematic of the kind of technology solutions EssentialTech is developing to create medical devices suitable for their context of use.

Finally, the integrated and ventilated "SmartPPE" reusable protection suit prototype also piqued visitors’ interest; some even went so far as to try it on!

The Forum was above all a chance to meet other medical and industrial players in the health sector in Global South countries. This type of exchange helps strengthen existing partnerships as well as to forge new ones - especially in other countries - thereby improving the potential impact of solutions developed at EssentialTech.

Author:Matthieu GaniSource:Cooperation