EPFL Tech Launchpad award two new Ignition grant

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

We are proud to announce that Emissium and Consulto, have each been awarded a CHF 30,000 Ignition grant as part of EPFL’s Tech Launchpad - a leading incubator dedicated to supporting groundbreaking and innovative startups.


Emissium – an innovative new technology from the Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering Laboratory– is now part of the EPFL Tech Launchpad programme having been awarded a CHF30,000 Ignition grant. Today, when you think of reducing the carbon footprint of electrical grids, you think of the need of sourcing renewable energy.

But do we really understand the share of renewable energy in our real time consumption? If we did, could we adapt our consumption habits to reduce our true carbon footprint? Emissium’s technology will allow real time tracking of electricity generation, empowering each end user, from large companies to households, to understand the true carbon footprint of their electricity use.

The team will use their Ignition grant to further develop their technology and proof of concept to and secure relevant use cases with a number of partners.


Consulto is the latest EPFL-based project to become part of the university's Tech Launchpad programme with a CHF30,000 Ignition grant. The startup – based in Professor Marcel Salathé's Digital Epidemiology Laboratory – has developed a technology they hope will improve the quality of care for patients afflicted by complex health conditions.

A complex health condition is one which affects more than one system in the body – these can range from cancers, to diabetes, to Alzheimer's. A patient with a multi-faceted condition will often have to see a number of different doctors. This leads to care which is fragmented, organ- or area-specific, and complicated. The medical doctor-led team at Consulto is changing all this by offering innovative ways to democratize team-based care. Their technology will connect independent physicians, helping them work together on complex patients and make the best clinical decisions based on their joint expertise.

The team will use their Ignition grant to roll out their pilot project, which they hope to test with early adopters in the Swiss healthcare system.