EPFL shapes Open Science: interactive events to consult the community

AI image generated with Midjourney by Noémie Mazaré, 2023

AI image generated with Midjourney by Noémie Mazaré, 2023

A new series of interactive events to spark debate on Open Science-related matters.

Open Science in its essence involves the pursuit of knowledge as an open asset, accessible to all. With the advents of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, tremendous amounts of data are being generated every minute, far exceeding our ability to analyze them at an individual scale. It is therefore crucial that we rethink the way we work and harness the power of collaboration and diversity to find innovative solutions to global problems.

Today, more than ever, science requires communities across disciplines to come together to tackle big challenges. There are multiple paths ahead of us, and we believe that EPFL, as a community, needs to define together the direction we want to take on our road to Open Science.

The new series of events “EPFL Shapes Open Science” is designed to engage the entire EPFL community, regardless of their role or seniority, in an ongoing conversation about Open Science. The goal is to collect feedback and input to shape the strategy of Open Science at EPFL so that it best fits the community’s needs, by involving the campus in decision-making related to Open Science, from open access publishing to open innovation and open IP. Everyone should have a voice into the way science is shared. These events aim to be inclusive of the broad EPFL community, and to create a sense of shared ownership and responsibility over these matters.

The first event of this series, "Open Access: Which Way Forward?", is organized in collaboration with the EPFL library and introduced by VPA Jan Hesthaven. It will address the current issues in Open Access academic publishing and push us to rethink the way we share our work with the world.

In research, the reputation of the journal in which we publish often matters more to us than their commitment to open access. Promoting open access through publications has been challenging, and it raises important questions about the current academic publishing system we evolve in. This event aims to explore these themes and spark a conversation about the future of open access publishing.

If you're interested in learning more about Open Access and contributing your opinion to the ongoing discussion, come to this event on May 22nd at 2PM in BC 420. You'll have the opportunity to participate in an interactive debate with researchers and experts in the field. Let’s shape the future of Open Science together.

More information and registration here.