EPFL scientist wins cycling gold medal in Tokyo Olympics

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

Anna Kiesenhofer, who is a post-doctoral fellow in Mathematics at EPFL's Faculty of Basic Sciences, won the road race gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games this Sunday.

Anna Kiensenhofer won an incredible victory after a 40-kilometer solo breakaway at the Tokyo Olympics this Sunday. The Austrian athlete, who works as a scientist at EPFL's Faculty of Basic Sciences, won the gold medal in the road event for her first participation in the Olympic Games.

Anna Kiesenhofer has been a post-doctoral fellow in the Chair of Partial Differential Equations at EPFL's Institute of Mathematics since 2017.

Everyone at EPFL would like to congratulate Anna on this fantastic result, and we are looking forward to celebrate this achievement with her!

Author: Sarah Aubort

Source: EPFL