EPFL pays homage to Prof. Mario Bevilacqua

© 2022 EPFL

© 2022 EPFL

Prof. Mario Bevilacqua sadly passed away on 2 October 2022. He taught at EPFL’s architecture department from 1974 to 1997.

Mario Bevilacqua began as an assistant to Prof. Aubry, helping first-year architecture students resolve structure-related problems for their projects. In 1987 he began teaching projects on his own, initially for third- and fourth-year students and, in 1992, for first-year students. This period was known in the architecture department as the “Sévelin years,” named after Avenue de Sévelin in Lausanne where first-year classes were held since there wasn’t enough room in the building on Avenue de l’Eglise-Anglaise.
Prof. Bevilacqua also coordinated degree programs until 1993 and chaired the committee (serving as one of the only permanent members) that attributed premises for architecture classes and projects. His calm temperament and know-how were essential in navigating the tricky, and sometimes contentious, issue of who would work where.
Alongside his teaching, Prof. Bevilacqua practiced architecture professionally through his firm Bevilacqua, Urech & Zentner. He frequently worked with young colleagues and EPFL graduates on architecture bids and projects. His expert eye is behind the University of Lausanne’s Anthropole building, the Auguste Piccard high school (which used to house EPFL’s electrical engineering department), and the Cèdres student housing complex.
But what those of us fortunate enough to work with Prof. Bevilacqua – whether as a colleague, assistant or student – will always remember is his kindness, good nature, compassion and respect. These qualities were often hidden beneath his reserved, sometimes solemn, demeanor, which always left an impression as he walked past, pipe in hand.
Personally, I’ll remember Prof. Bevilacqua as a kind, respectful, reliable, eager-to-help colleague who inspired trust and confidence in everyone he met.

Laure Kochnitzky Palluel
Architecture Section - Deputy of Section

Peter Zurbrügg
Architecture Section - Lecturer