EPFL Open Days will feature roundtable on AI

Can owners of artificial intelligence and data be trusted? © iStock

Can owners of artificial intelligence and data be trusted? © iStock

During the Open Days from September 14th-15th, in celebration of its 50th anniversary this year, EPFL invites you to a public debate organized by the School of Computer and Communication Sciences and the College of Humanities on the theme: “Humans, machines and data: what’s the future of artificial intelligence?”

With humanity depending more on more on modern machines and personalized data, how is artificial intelligence (AI) being used to our advantage, or disadvantage, in everyday life? Can owners of artificial intelligence and data be trusted?

EPFL President Martin Vetterli and experts from French-speaking Switzerland in data analysis, robotics and society will debate the relevance of AI in their own research and implications for society.

The roundtable will be followed by a concert that brings together AI and creativity: come and listen to the Ada String Quartet play an entirely new repertoire, created using a musical composition tool as part of a project by doctoral assistant Florian Colombo in the IC/SV Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, led by Professor Wulfram Gerstner.

Practical information

Sunday, September 15th at the SwissTech Convention Center, auditorium A. Free entry.

11h00 – 12h30 : Roundtable
12h30 – 13h00 : “AI & Music” performance

Anne Laure Gannac – journalist, RTS

Daniela Cerqui Ducret – senior scientist and lecturer in cultural and social anthropology at the University of Lausanne
Frédéric Kaplan – professor in the EPFL Digital Humanities Lab
Jamie Paik – professor in the EPFL Reconfigurable Robotics Lab
Sabine Süsstrunk – professor in the EPFL Image and Visual Representation Lab
Martin Vetterli – EPFL president and professor in the Audiovisual Communications Lab

Author: Celia Luterbacher