Enerdrape, a solution for Switzerland's energy challenges?

© 2022 EPFL

© 2022 EPFL

Enedrape appears in Le Temps feature on the challenges in the Swiss energy sector

The Laloui Group start-up Enerdrape has again featured in the Swiss media. The Geneva-based newspaper Les Temps discusses the potential solutions to the looming energy crises, especially in the wake of the Russian oil embargo. Several possibilities are discussed, but of particular interest is geothermal energy which the paper argues is underrepresented within the Swiss energy armory.

The paper highlights success exploitation of shallow geothermal energy in residential homes and limited deeper geothermal energy exploitation in larger building infrastructure, however, there is a distinct lack of data on the potential resources available (i.e. groundwater supply) and the potential impact it can have.

Enerdrape is highlighted as a new and innovative solution where drilling exploration and groundwater exploitation can be avoided providing a potential immediate, low-cost source of geothermal energy for the Swiss system.